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My quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
I am happy to assist you with know-how and experience when it comes to all things creative.

Wordpress Theme Integration & Management

Working within the WordPress platform to develop the website that best suits your needs

Art Direction

I am passionate about executing your project in a way that best suits your brand, and effectively communicates your message.


Don’t know how to interact with a print press? Unsure how to best purchase t-shirts for your ecommerce store? Are you sure you’re not being charged for a service that does not fit for your business? Need to hire a designer and unsure how to begin? I can help with all of that.

Brand & Identity

Branding is critical now more than ever. Markets are flush with competitors that have more channels than ever to reach consumers. I can help ensure you make your entrance to, not stumble into, a marketplace with a uniform, clear perspective that defines who you are, and what you are all about.

Tailored Graphic Design Services

It’s a big world, full of lots of options that are made for that big world, not your individual needs. Work with someone who will tailor designs to effectively communicate your needs, in your market, to your demographic, in your industry.

Photography & Video

Not just experienced in digital and print design, I have worked as an Art Director, Director, camerawoman, producer, writer, editor, and post-processor for numerous projects. Primarily I now focus on the Art Direction side, letting my experience from all perspectives aid in creating the best moving image piece for my clients.

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I am based in the Mid-Hudson area of New York.
Lucky enough to work in a variety of industries and I can bring that experience to your project.




About Me

Hello, I’m Rachel!

I’ve been designing for 20+ years and photographing anything I can for just as long. 11 years in the Publishing industry had me working with the likes of Sterling Publishing, Rodale International (Men’s Health), Reader’s Digest, Harper Collins, Insight Editions, and more. With hundreds of titles under my belt, I’ve picked a handful to showcase here. Within the firearms industry I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of incredibly talented people, and I’m currently a full-time employee at a manufacturer as their Creative Lead, aka Creative Director.

Working as my own entity, I’ve taken my talents to branding and logo work as well, in my ever-expanding repertoire. Besides my time spent as a professional creative, I’m generally instructing with the firearms training company I co-own with my husband, Onsight Firearms Training, or overcoming the daily WOD at Crossfit Valkyrie. I’ve also generally not been more than two hours away from a coffee in some format.

"I believe in adapting my design skills to each project. Every client and project has it’s own voice, and I work to provide the best translation of that voice to the appropriate medium or platform."



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Whether you have a fully formed idea or it’s just a glimmer, let’s talk about what you’re thinking about creating.

Client Surveys to Organize Thoughts

The more information, the better. Tailored to your project, the client survey pulls and pools information to better understand the scope, media, and communication points needed to best execute your project.